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We offer an excellent range of PVC Coated Fabric for the automotive industry. While beautiful seat upholstery is one of the most important parts of the experience that an automotive can offer, artificial leather is used in various other parts including door trims, steering wheel covers, gear boot and knob covers, roof lining, sun visors and hoods.

Synthetic Leather is widely used in the footwear industry because of the fantastic variety and high durability. We produce a beautiful collection of specialized Synthetic Leather for the footwear industry. We offer products for various parts of footwear like shoe uppers, shoe lining and insoles. These products find application in formal shoe and boots, sports shoes, sandals, slippers as well as high end womens footwear.

One of the largest consumers of Synthetic Leather is the furnishing industry, which has seen nothing short of a revolution ever since high quality artificial leather has emerged as a much more affordable alternative to natural leather. With artificial leather, the furnishing industry has also been able to experiment with colour and textures to a much greater extent and is able to create stunning new products.
We offer a wide range of products for the furnishing industry in a variety of colors, textures and feels, in leather and fabric look also. These products are used in upholstery for sofas, chairs, cushion-covers, bean bags etc for homes, offices, commercial establishments and hotels. We also produce marine upholstery with salt water resistance.

Leather Goods & Garments
The versatility of Synthetic Leather allows it to be used in a wide range of products like purses, bags and briefcases, diary covers and stationery items, garments, belts, wallets and sports items like gloves, pads, footballs, etc.

Synthetic Leather offers unique advantages for manufactures of these products. While it looks as fine, supple and expensive as genuine leather, artificial leather allows manufacturers to make their products much more affordable. Also, they are able to create a much wider variety of highly durable, maintenance-free products. We manufacture artificial leather in vibrant colors and extraordinary textures, which allows manufacturers to create innovative, artistic and fashionable products.


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